The Vegetarian Butcher is a Dutch plant-based brand and Unilever subsidiary. It was founded in 2007 by farmer Jaap Korteweg, who helped pioneer the idea of animal meat analogs made from plants years before U.S. behemoths Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. In September 2020, the Vegetarian Butcher has made its debut in Hong Kong. Through the power of Press & KOL, the launch of Vegetarian Butcher in Hong Kong successfully created a lot of buzzes. We help develop its brand positioning through partnerships with different restaurants in Hong Kong.

Media Pitching

Through pitching the story to all media houses in Hong Kong, the debut was covered by 3 print media, 22 websites and 14 social media posts. With the total circulation being over 11 million.

Media Visit to Press Offices

We invited Joey Leung to be the host of the Food Show to visit various press offices to bring VB x Restaurants crossover menu for a media tasting. Joey Leung was a good pick for the campaign as he had multiple roles as a drama actor and hosting popular food programmes. The media was happy with Joey and the tasting arrangements. Video interviews, photo shootings and food tastings were done for editorial coverage.

KOL Tasting

Dishes specially designed by partnering restaurants were packed in Bento boxes and delivered to KOLs. This showcases Vegetarian Butcher products and allows KOLs to give their honest review on the products and share it on social media platforms.

Press and KOL Restaurant Visits

KOLs and the media also visited the partnering restaurants to try out the dishes and the environment of the restaurant. Overall there is positive feedback for the event.

Date: September 2020

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