LCSD- Muse Fest 2021

Hong Kong’ s popular music has evolved and transformed into various styles over the decades. There must be a few Cantopop songs on your playlist that you have been listening whilst you are going through ups and downs. “A Day with Cantopop” led everybody on a journey to explore the past, present and future of Cantopop via a specially crafted event and the “Hong Kong Pop 60+   ” exhibition in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

‘ A Day with Cantopop’ —       brough us from a prospective approach to look into how the culture has developed as time evolved.

Multiple programmes were included:

  • “More than Cantopop and HK-Pop” Sharing Session
  • Neon Light DIY Workshop
  • “My Lyric Picture” Expressive Arts Workshop
  • “Music Flows in Capsules” Pin Badge Capsule Machines
  • “To My Love” Postcards DIY Stations

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