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La Moon Market

To Create a market with bustling and fun atmosphere before Mid-Autumn Festival including FOOD & LIFESTYLE elements.

Date8-11 September 2016

Venue PMQ, Central

Footfall >30,000++

Media >HKD $ 600,000+

Partners PMQ, UNICEF, JP Fruits, Cetah

VendorLa Maison XXL Seafood & Grill by Stefan, Boomshack by Sam Lee, STACKS IceCream by Alan Wan, DearestGrace by Grace Wong, «C´Ë®Æ²z, Beerliner, ILOVEBUBBLES, NICEPOPS, Munchies, Primo Living, Luc Belaire, Mak¡¦s Brewery, Good Design Store, The Dot, Maison Brenmond, Scandi Collective, Royal Secret Garden