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Kanpai@Mart Box

While the container mart concept is getting popular in various nations including Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea, Hong Kong finds it difficult for such development due to the limitation of space. PMQ in collaboration with FEED to customize the occasional presence of an exclusive theme-based mini-container mart called MART BOX to match with all upcoming activities in this heritage-turned-creativity site.

As a debutant featuring 6 colourful mini-containers and 20 plus featured stalls from 11th to 14th May, 2017,which related to Japan. We would like to provide a real sake experience in town and create the culture. Also invite Sake sommelier to give lesson/ workshop to enhance the quality of the event and explore different creative format of SAKE culture.

Date11-14 May 2017

Venue PMQ, Cental

Footfall >43k

Media >$220K++

Partners PMQ, Rakuten HK

VendorWhisky Room, iSake, Japan Chicken Association, Hing Kee Ho, KAVICH, 8th OCEAN, Michinoeki, Koji Sake, Ice Cream Gallery, MIRAKU DAGASHIYA, Dyelicious, Sapporo Beer, Gekkeikan, Yoshi Yoshi , Wine Discovery, 味霸, MiSs.Snack, Okinawa Tourism & Dream Cruise, Eumifairy, Gaba Tea, Oronamin C, Beverage Collection, Rakuten HK